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We do district-wide, campus-wide, Team/Grade-level, PLC, Small Group, and One-on-One training! Check our Training page to see what’s new!



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We’re happy to come co-teach your technology integrated lessons!  Book us to help you plan your lessons, get individualized training, or to co-teach! We are here for you!



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Check out our blog, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook pages for great tools for your classroom. Our Resources page is LOADED with tons of helpful videos, ideas, and how-to’s for you!



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You can check out everything from microphones and GPS devices to BreakoutEDU boxes and Google Cardboard. Visit our checkout page to reserve your items today!


Tech Rock Stars of the Month

You can read about these Rock Stars on our Recognition Page

ES Rock Star

Kim Everts
The Academy at Nola Dunn
March 2019

MS Rock Star

Kyle Smoke
Kerr Middle School
March 2019 

HS Rock Star

Suzanne Robinson
Burleson High School
March 2019

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Semantris: A word association game

Semantris is a strategic word association game that challenges the player to come up with words related to the ones on the screen.  The better you make your association, the easier it is for Google’s AI (artificial intelligence) to match

LT App – Check It Out

Do you need to know when professional development classes or opportunities are offered during the summer? Or fall?  Want to see the latest blog posts on the Learning Technologies site about tools, opportunities, information, etc? Do you want to read

Focus on the Four Cs

What are the four Cs? Communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity are the ISTE standards for both students and educators that teach, reinforce and strengthen digital skills. These standards were adopted by the Texas legislature in June 2017. SB 1839

Goo? No Slime Involved

Do you hear “goo” as in “GOO-gly goodness” or “drink the GOO-laid” or “GOO-gle” and think, “Hey! I don’t want to be slimed!” so you avoid Google, the G-Suite, and all of those fantastic tools that are included in our