I *might* be a little obsessed with “Stranger Things,” mostly with its delicious 80’s nostalgia wrapped around dark & twisty sci-fi/fantasy…However, for those of you familiar with the Netflix series, I have to admit that the “Upside Down” remains something of an enigma to me.  I’m not quite sure what it is or how it came to be, but it kinda freaks me out!  It’s this dark parallel world, that’s supposedly right next to us, but we can’t see it – kind of like our world, but…..OFF.  It’s cold, scary, and full of monsters, eerie, ash-like floating things, and what looks like a lot of snot.  Needless to say, ain’t nobody got time for the upside-down.

Once the holi-daze wears and and things get going with the new semester, things can easily start to feel like the Upside Down – scary, confusing, and….OFF.  Organization gets sketchy, grading gets out of control, emails get lost, meetings come up out of nowhere, and the classroom can definitely feel full of snot and monsters.

Chrome Extensions to the rescue!  These nifty little “mini-programs” are like your browser’s bag of tricks – they add a little something extra, and that little something can have HUGE impact on your classroom version of the Upside Down.  Here are 12 – one for each month, if you will – chrome extensions that will get you (and your students, by the way) back into the “Right-Side Up.”  Click the image below for my full list!

12 Chrome Extensions to Get You & Your Students “Right-Side Up” in 2018