Calling all young artists and authors!

The 2018 IFAW Student Art & Writing Contest is now officially open! Inspire students with a lesson from IFAW’s free teacher library that includes videos and let the magic begin.

There will be a general category this year and then a separate category highlighting the world’s wild Big Cats in honor of the U.N. World Wildlife Day slogan, Big cats: predators under threat. World Wildlife Day is March 3, 2018.

Free teaching resources

Children have a natural affinity for animals and art – both of which can help them develop fundamental skills, values and attitudes. Art helps to give children a voice, encourages open-minded thinking and builds a sense of connection with the natural world. IFAW is proud to encourage this engagement.

Each entry must be postmarked by March 10th and include a signed IFAW entry form per student. A parent or legal guardian of all entrants who are minors at the start of the Promotion Period must sign the Entry Form. IFAW is unable to return submissions this year. There will be prizes for both the Art and Writing Categories.

For more information including contest rules and entry forms, please visit the IFAW website.

 Rules and Entry Forms

Why not consider including a submission to #create, the BISD student literary and fine arts creations showcase e-publication?

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2018 IFAW Student Art & Writing Contest
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