Thanks to John Sowash for the amazing ideas in this blog post. I had to “borrow” his idea and reframe the information but the credit goes to him. Follow the link here to go to John’s original blog post and get 25 templates based on the expanded ideas he gives. And follow John in social media: @JRSowash

I have smashed together John’s ideas with the Discovery Education #SpotlightOnStrategies (SOS) 25 Things I Didn’t Know (and I added three bonus ideas not listed in John’s blog post).

Check out these ways to use Google Forms in your classroom. Want to know more about how? Contact your campus Learning Technologies coach. For more information on Discovery Education, your Discovery Education account (and your students’ accounts) and how to log in, please contact Lindsay Foster or your campus LT.

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25 Things I Didn’t Know… A Google Form Could Do