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Make your own gifs in seconds at

Check out this great and engaging tool that can be used with students in the BISD 1:You program. Yes, it’s Chromebook compatible AND it’s just plain fun! is a .gif (animated or static image) creator. Imagine using this to have students record reactions to their reading, to share mood/tone, to add another element or app smash with #BookSnaps. However you use, it’s SUPER SIMPLE

Check it out and maybe you’ll feel this way too! 

Here are some integration ideas:

  1. Visual response to a scientific hypothesis
  2. Appropriate facial expression in response to a statement or question posed in a foreign language.
  3. Demonstrating mood or tone of a piece of literature
  4. “Sticker” comment in Google Docs

Note: Make sure that you enable the web camera when using this site… otherwise it will not work. 

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And Then I Was Like…
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