Ahh Springtime….it’s that wonderful time of year when students are committed to learning, eager to perform, motivated to review and test and review and test.  They walk into your classroom with a smile and a polite greeting, have a seat and wait expectantly for you to pour your knowledge into them…..(Insert Vivaldi’s Concerto No. 1 “Spring”)

WAIT.  WHAT? Sorry.  I fell asleep there for a minute.  I had the most amazing dream!

So let’s get real.  We are tired (so tired), our students are tired,  and we are ALL counting the days. These are the days when kids just wanna have fun and teachers just wanna catch a break.  Am I right?

Google to the rescue!  

Last year, Google released its Applied Digital Skills curriculum, and THIS is what can give both you and your students a well-needed recharge (think Grey’s Anatomy when the doctor yells “CLEAR!” and they zap the patient’s heart into beating again) at the end of the school year.

Applied Digital Skills is a free, self-paced digital literacy curriculum from Google where students practice life and job skills while building creative projects using G Suite for Education, in the form of 11 middle and high school topics.

(click the infographic above for a larger, clickable version)

Each unit includes

  • Closed-caption downloadable video introductions
  • Step-by-step videos for each activity that reduces the pressure on YOU to be the tech expert
  • Discussion topics
  • Unit objectives, Tech Apps TEKS 
  • Detailed lesson plans with project examples
  • Engaging scaffolded activities
  • Detailed rubrics to assess student progress (as well as instructions for how to use them)
  • It’s free!  

Are you curious yet?  I KNEW you would be!  Watch a quick video here, and/or check out If-Then Adventure Stories.  I love the flexibility of this lesson – you can develop a topic selection(s) to reflect YOUR curriculum standards, or give students the option to design an adventure of their very own.  Check out this student example from Amanda Alford, a 7th Grade Science teacher in Indiana.

As if you needed another reason to give this a shot, teachers can create classes, invite students, and monitor their progress.

Here is a collection of resources to get your started:

Applied Digital Skills Curriculum: FAQs If you have a question, chances are Google has answered it here!
Applied Digital Skills Curriculum Login and create your classes!
Spreadsheet of Units, Unit Descriptions, and Google Drive links Get more info here, and add the Drive folder to your Google Drive!
Getting Started with Applied Digital Skills Step-by-step slides presentation to get you up & running!

Contact me, Heather Sanders, or your campus LTC if you’d like to work with someone to plan out your Applied Digital Skills lesson.  As it is Applied Digital Skills week, I’ll be sharing a few challenges with you…who’s in?


Applied Digital Skills Week is April 23 – 27!

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