In case you haven’t heard, it’s FLU SEASON.  Kids are absent.  TEACHERS are absent.    It kinda feels like we are ALL playing catch-up. 

Fortunately, Google helps teachers AND students communicate, connect, AND catch-up.

So today I’m sharing my recipe for Koolteecha’s Caught-Up Ketchup.   The ingredients are simple:

  1. (NEW) Google Sites
  2. Google Slides
  3. Forms

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: A NEW Google Site – If you’ve not created a NEW Google site, you need to!  Need help?  Contact me, your LT, or check out my Google Site about Google Sites!  →  .  Decide where on your site you’d like to keep class news/updates/homework.  You can keep this on your Home page, or add a separate page.

Step 2: A Google Slide Presentation – Create a Google Slides presentation. On the first slide, add the day’s activities, assignments, links, etc.  See my examples here:  Koolteecha’s Class Info. My favorite feature of Google Tools is its synchronous updating – in other words, when I update a Google Slide presentation that I’ve shared with my class, it updates for EVERYONE.  No need to download, edit, save, upload attach….Who has time for that?  

Step 3: A Google Form – If students have questions about your homework assignment, provide a place to post those questions in a Google Form.  Here’s a quick template you are welcome to use!

              Step 3a – Set up the sheet that’s attached to your Google form so that you get an email whenever a student submits a question.  

Step 4: Smash it All Together: Upload your Google Slides and the Google form to your NEW Google Site.   The beauty of this setup is that you don’t need to return to your Google Site to update information.  Simply add info/news to the top slide of your slide deck so that parents can the most recent information easily. Check out my sample site here –>

Click the image below (or click here) for more details and a tutorial video!

Special thanks to Jake Miller and Karen McKenna for the collective inspiration!


Are You Craving Some Google Awesome-Sauce? Try Koolteecha’s “Caught-Up Ketchup!”
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