We had 30+ Burleson Collegiate HS students who weren’t taking the EOC during testing…so we decided to take them on a world tour! We let students sort themselves into groups of 5 and used Google Classroom to give them an assignment. They chose a city/country/landmark from a list and App Smashed several apps to persuade others to visit the location they chose. They put their created works on their team slide in a Google Slidedeck. Click to view!

Halfway through the work – we stopped and ran a goosechase to give the kids a little break from their work!

They built their very own Mount Cherrios

They wrote Haiku about their school:

They made up GooseChase Challenges for the location they’d selected for their team:

And they told us where they were “traveling on” to after high school!

And lots more! 

Once each team had presented their slide for their chosen location…we broke out the Google VR headsets and jumped on Google Expeditions to visit their locations! The kids really enjoyed getting to see the places they’d been researching.

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BCHS World Tour Project and Goosechase
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