SnapChat is one of those love it or hate it apps. It has taken the internet by storm but there are questions on how to use this tool in the classroom. Enter #booksnaps – take a picture of the literature and create a filter to highlight or reflect on what is being read. SnapChat isn’t available on our Chromebooks BUT… Google Drawings IS! Students can use the Google Drawings tool to create a #booksnap and annotate or reflect on what they are reading. By using Google Drawings, the students are creating original content and can share to a Google Classroom or other community collaborative space (such as a Google Slide deck) but it removes the social media aspect that may be a concern for some students or grade levels.

Here are the steps:

  1. Take a picture of the page that needs to be annotated. (It may be easier for students to take the image with their phone and email it to themselves or upload to their Drive OR if the student is reading an online text, he or she can take a screenshot and use that image.)
  2. Using clip art or other graphics (or Bitmoji if the student has that), add images to the screenshot.
  3. Add text boxes to explain or to highlight text. (A text box or shape can be customized to a transparent feature to serve as a highlighter.)
  4. Submit the #booksnap.

If you need a more visual representation, check out this video. It uses the SnapChat app but it highlights the basic concept really well.

Want more ideas on how to use Google Drawings in your classroom? Check out this blog article or schedule an appointment with your LT.

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