Sign up and registration is now open for the first collaborative project of the year in the Projects by Jen series the O.R.E.O. project.

The project runs from September 11 to October 13. Students will stack the original OREO® cookie and count how many cookies they can stack before the cookies tumble! It’s a great way to collaborate on a global project, communicate with other classes, and critically think about how to create the tallest stack. (That’s 3 of the 4 C’s!) Additionally there is a creation option making sculptures with OREOs so that includes that 4th C as well.
This project includes T.E.K.S. for data collection, measurement, writing, and experimentation among others. Check out the list of standards that the project includes HERE.
O.R.E.O. is now open for registration:
Ask your Learning Technologies (LT) coach about how you could incorporate these activities into your classroom lessons and provide rich, authentic digital experiences for your students. 
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Collaborative Project Opportunity: The O.R.E.O. Project