Third, fourth and fifth grade students in Burleson ISD will get the opportunity to participate in a district wide collaborative project. These students are a small part of the BISD 1:You Chromebook initiative and as a result have the opportunity to work with and create with other students within the district. Using the Chromebooks to create, collaborate, communicate, and critically think meets the four “C’s,” the soft skills most often sought by Fortune 500 companies for future employees. 

So how does this all work? Burleson ISD third, fourth and fifth grade educators will have the opportunity to sign up their class to participate. The sign up deadline is October 1st. Classes will be partnered with another BISD class. Students will create and design their own “monster”. Then students will write a description for another student partner. Using G-Suite tools such as Google Docs, Google Drawings and Google Classroom, students will be able to communicate, collaborate, and exchange with their peer partner from the comfort of their own classroom. The peer partners will then attempt to create or design a replica of the monster. Finally the classes will participate in guided Google Hangout or other virtual connection and will share their final results. 

Educators then have the opportunity to debrief their own students and develop and explore higher level thinking and critical thinking skills by questioning how the project progressed, how it could have been improved, and how it went well. 

BISD third, fourth, and fifth grade educators who are interested in the Monster Project should complete the registration form available here. Educators with questions should contact Lindsay Foster, Learning Technologies Coach, for more information.

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