Students like to compete. Teachers want students to collaborate. Quizlet Live provides competition and collaboration – making both sides happy.

Unveiled to Quizlet users in April 2016, Quizlet Live allows educators to use their Study Sets (online flashcards in Quizlet) for in-class review – while teaching soft skills like teamwork and communication to learners.

The basic premise behind the game is simple: After entering a minimum of 12 terms/definitions inside a Quizlet Study Set (a stack of online flashcards), an educator launches Quizlet Live from inside the Quizlet website. The game generates a unique code, which can be displayed to the class. Students head to and enter their class’s unique code to join.

From there, Quizlet Live groups students into three-or-four-person teams. Teachers give participants time to roam the room and find their partners. Once all teammates are located and are sitting near each other, the game can begin. Questions are dispensed randomly by the game on a rotating basis to each student computer. Participants work with their team to answer the current question on a teammate’s device. The game’s leader board can be displayed on a projector screen inside the room. A correct answer awards the team a point. One wrong answer clears a team’s score, and the group must start over from zero.

Need instructions? Click here.

Want to see it in action? Watch the video below.

Got questions? Ask your friendly BISD Learning Technologies Coach.


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Competition and Collaboration Live in Quizlet Live
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