Recently I was invited into Donna Moore‘s fifth grade class at Hajek Elementary. The focus of the lesson was to integrate social studies (the Boston Tea Party) and writing across the curriculum.

The class explored and reviewed three different pieces of digital media representing the Boston Tea Party as well as some primary source documents. Students were asked to take notes using the @DiscoveryEd #SpotlightOnStrategies A-E-I-O-U regarding observations about the digital media pieces.


Sample page of AEIOU sheet


Then students examined primary source documents and created tweets summarizing the documentation and restating it in modern language. Students used the tool Rewordify to help them understand archaic language. The class discussed purposeful and meaningful commentary and the value of hashtags as a search tool. The tweets were then curated into an e-book and published to share without edits to student work.

Finally students compared and contrasted the three digital media images and recorded their observations using the Flipgrid tool. If you would like to view the class Flipgrid (and maybe record YOUR feedback) please contact Lindsay Foster for the link.

Click on the image to preview the assignment Slides deck. If you would like a copy for yourself, please click File > Make a copy.
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