This week while we’ve been on spring break, two major tech conferences have been ongoing – #MACUL17 and #CUE17. I have friends at both conferences and I love to learn from Twitter so  I’ve been following the two hashtags. I was so inspired this morning by a post that I saw retweeted that I had to create a template just for our BISD educators and students.

Original tweet that was shared. Did you know that to search for something you can type in part of the tweet and hit the search bar? I found this by using the original article in the search engine since it is mentioned in the tweet.

It’s based on the idea shown here: Funko POP As Biography. I love the examples that Quinn Rollins uses. He’s a history teacher so this could encompass ELAR (authors or book characters), history (historical individuals), science (scientists or elements), and mathematics (mathematicians or theorems). I think even Fine Arts teachers could use this for artists, musicians, sculptors, painters, actors, etc. I would say that the possibilities are seemingly endless.

Want to try this with your students? I have created a template in Google Slides that you can either print or have students edit in Google Slides. I’m also including a link for the Google Drawing template blank if you want your students to create their characters in Google Drawing. (Note: Students will need to save the .PNG file to their Google Drive and then open it in Google Drawing to edit it.)

You could even have your students try to create their own Funko POP template using basic shapes in Google Drawing. (Believe it or not, that’s how I did mine!) Contact your LT if you want help planning this lesson or want a lesson walk through on using Google Drawings.

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Create And Characterize Using Funko POP
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