CheckItOut is a Google Add-on that allows you to create simple checkout forms in Google Forms. Kids can check items out…and then check them back in again when they are done with them! Here’s an example of a form that lets kids check out items from my classroom (for example – a loaner Chromebook).

You can try this form out by CLICKING HERE.

As a student checks out an item – it is moved from the top list (items available for checkout) to the bottom list (items to be checked back in). You can set the form up to automatically collect a students’ username and email if you want. Here’s what the form looks like after two students have checked out a Chromebook:

To check an item back IN…the student returns to the form, and select the item they have checked out from the second list. Once they hit submit…the item is moved back to the top list and is available for another student to check out.

This is a great way to keep track of items in your classroom, or gather data on how often an item is used…and by whom.

You can also use this to track how often students leave your room and where they go most often! Just create a form like the one below:

You can fill out this form by CLICKING HERE.

And here’s what the form looks like when all the hallpasses are checked out:

Look at the data you can collect from these check out forms…for example…I can see who leaves my room most often…

the most common places my students go to when leaving my room:

Or I can sort the spreadsheet by student and see how often he/she is leaving my classroom – and the time stamps let me see how long he/she has been gone:

I could collect the same data for my first example – the Loaner Chromebooks…that could help me track patterns in student use of the loaners (which kids or class periods use the loaners the most) so I can help students to remember to bring their own Chromebooks to class.

This fun add-on is really easy to use. Here’s a how-to video to show you exactly how to use it!



If you use this in your classroom or library, leave us a comment below! We’d love to see how you’ve made this tool work for you!

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Create Your Own Classroom Checkout Form With CheckItOut!
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