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With the summer vacation rapidly approaching, we know you and your students can’t wait to relax by the beach and enjoy summer vacation, but what if you could travel the world and continue learning all summer long?

With Discovery Education’s Worldwide Summer Adventure your students will be able to virtually visit museums, celebrate summer holidays, and visit the Arctic Tundra….and that’s just for starters. Pick up your passport, pack that camera, and find out more below.

How will it work?

Every trip has to start somewhere. Visit the “launch pad” for our adventure by clicking the button below. This contains a number of experiences and activities for your students to complete over the summer. If they have a Discovery Education account, there will also be suggestions of resources for them to use to build background knowledge and deepen their understanding.

What will my students be able to do?

  • Travel to the deepest parts of the Ocean with Ocean First Education
  • Visit the headquarters of the NBA and explore how math is brought to life with ‘careers that count’
  • Tour National Parks & Monuments
  • Participate in activities like planting a garden and inventing something new

How do I get my students started?

Visit our Summer Adventure web page where you will find all the resources needed to share with your students and their parents, including a parent letter, student bookmarks to remind them of their login to Discovery Education, and a passport for them to record their adventure.


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DE Takes Students on a Worldwide Summer Adventure