Interested in offering interactive activities to help your students study course material?  Flippity takes Google Sheets and uses a template with pre-written code (script) that can be customized to create online activities like flashcards, trivia shows (Jeopardy style), random name pickers, progress indicators, and award certificates.  While Flippity is not a direct Google App, it does require access to your Google account for Sheets.  Templates and step-by-step instructions for each type of activity were developed by Steve Fortna and are available at

One great tool that is available is the Progress Indicator. With high stakes testing headed our way this spring and the push for students to track their own data, why not take this opportunity to use those Chromebooks in grades 3-12 and have students track their progress? Schedule an appointment with your LT to discuss how you could use Flippity tools like the Progress Indicator with your students.
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Digitally Track Progress With Flippity
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