Looking for some writing, revision and editing tools? Why not check out the resources available in your Discovery Education account? Educators and students in Burleson ISD have Discovery Education accounts, and there are a myriad of resources available to practice those writing skills.

For elementary level writing, check out Paintball Punctuation. This interactive tool allows students to shoot paintballs and correct grammatical errors including punctuation and capitalization. According to the game summary, “Launch the correct punctuation paintballs to hit the right spots on the sentence boards before time runs out! If you do, you score big points. Otherwise, it’s splat city! Level 1 covers capitalization and use of the period, exclamation point, and question mark. Punctuation Paintball includes hints and several video clips reviewing rules of punctuation. ” This tool is recommended for grades 3-5 so it would be an ideal tool for our 4th grade writing students! Log in to Discovery Education and use this link to access this resource.

The Whaddaya Know Quiz Show interactive (grades K-2 and 3-5) focuses on poetry. Students are quizzed on what they know about poetry and a wide variety of topics. Click on the info button to reveal all of the categories. The student can play against the computer but the game does require two players. The “Whaddaya Know? Quiz Show” is an entertaining, multimedia activity that makes studying fun! Children are contestants on a game show and answer questions from the selected topic. The types of questions can be multiple-choice, true/false, or fill-in-the-blank. Points are awarded based on the amount of time it takes to answer the question. If a question is answered incorrectly, the next contestant gets a chance to answer and earn additional points. The correct answer is presented if all the contestants miss the question. Each child gets to choose their own animated character for the game show. Up to four children can play together, or computerized characters can be used.

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Discovery Education Has the WRITE Stuff – Interactive Tools!
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