Filling the Silence

Instead of learning about a topic through watching a video, this week’s strategy asks students to create their own scripts or stories to accompany a video. By interpreting what they see on the screen, rather than what they hear, students are challenged to make inferences about the topic and connect these clues with their prior knowledge.

How can I use this strategy with my students?

1. Use the keyword search in Discovery Education to find a video that explains your topic or concept – refine your search using the filters if needed.

2. Before pressing play, ask students questions such as: “What does the image you can see on screen represent?”, “Based on this image, what do you think this video will be about?”

3. Play the video without sound. Pause part way through the video and ask students to interpret what they have seen in the video so far.

4. Play the remainder of the video.

5. Have students create a script or story to explain what is going on in the video. Replay the video as necessary to facilitate students’ writing.

6. Have students share their stories with the class, discuss the ways they they interpreted the video segment. Discuss similarities and differences between students’ stories.


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