Close Encounters

Move your students away from thinking of digital resources as only entertainment by helping them use media as text they can close read. A close read allows students to engage in a text multiple times with the purpose of reading, analyzing, and reflecting on the material to peel back the layers and develop a deeper understanding of a topic.

How can I use this strategy with my students?

1. Use the keyword search in Discovery Education to find a video or audio segment around your topic or concept – refine your search using the filters if needed.

2. Introduce the topic students will be learning about by asking them to share what they think they already know about the topic. A graphic organizer such as a T-chart can be helpful.

3. Play your video or audio segment and ask students to briefly share what the video or audio is about. Confirm things they already knew and ask them to record pieces of new learning on their graphic organizer.

4. Replay the video or audio. Pause at appropriate points to discuss and define key vocabulary. Record these on the graphic organizer.

5. Have students pose questions about the video to each other. Play the video or audio again and encourage students to ask for the media to be paused when they see or hear evidence that helps answer the questions they’ve posed.
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