Four to One

Good readers and writers allow their previous experiences, emotions, and knowledge to shape their understanding and connections. This week’s strategy allows students to examine images and draw upon their prior knowledge and experiences to help frame complete sentences.

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How can I use this strategy with my students?

1. Select four images from Discovery Education – refine your search using the filters to showcase available images.

2. Ask students to draw a quadrant on a blank piece of paper and allow one minute per image to write about experiences students have had with the objects or facts they have learned through reading or researching.

3. Provide time for students to share their notes and discuss any commonalities in their experiences and/or facts.

4. In their pairs or small groups, have students create a complete sentence that incorporates all four images.

5. Select a few sentences to display and guide students through checking for sentence completion by asking questions such as: “What type of speech is the word X in this sentence?”, “What is another noun that we can use from the images in place of X?”, “Can we describe X?”, “What are other examples of describing words?”
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