Check out this video challenge to teach your students about Red Nose Day and earn yourself a #DiscoveryEducation hoodie and your students red noses for the event. The challenge ends April 17th so you’ll have a little bit of time to get on it. It could be a great activity to keep kids busy during testing season for those “in-between” moments or “quiet” days. Here is a link to the blog post for the challenge.

Here’s some more information on Red Nose Day and the upcoming virtual field trip on May 18th. This is a great service learning opportunity for all BISD students and it raises awareness so check it out!

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#DiscoveryEd Sponsors Red Nose Day Challenge to Raise Awareness

One thought on “#DiscoveryEd Sponsors Red Nose Day Challenge to Raise Awareness

  • March 20, 2017 at 11:05 AM

    Encourage Students to Enter the Red Nose Challenge Today
    Kids have an innate desire to want to help. They don’t want to see any child go without – without food, without a place to sleep, without a chance to learn. Kids also have a natural desire to have fun. When they take the lead, most anything can become an exercise in creativity and passion.

    Let your students in grades 3 through 8 have fun making a difference in the world by encouraging them to enter the Red Nose Challenge today. One of them could win $5,000 to implement their plan of action, a video equipment package for the classroom, and other exciting prizes. Watch this short video to learn why you should get involved in the Red Nose Challenge:

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