This activity is designed to assist in building inferencing skills and identifying character traits based on images. Students will study the image and then decide which character traits based on observations fit the character or characters in the image. 

This activity could be extended into a writing prompt. Additionally students could respond on a Flipgrid or Padlet justifying their responses as well as responding to one or two classmates to practice argumentative response. 

The activity is a Template Preview activity. You will only be able to see the presentation slide.

You will see only the main activity slide and not the drag and drop pieces or the directions which are located in the work space and in the presenter’s notes. To view the entire activity, please click Use Template and then edit your copy to meet the needs of your learners.

If you would like to know more about creating these types of activities, please contact your Learning Technologies Coach and schedule an appointment.

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ELAR Template – Character Traits and Inferencing
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