When I was in the classroom, I used Edmodo to deliver materials to my students, engage them in conversation, and to assign and grade assignments and quizzes.  It was a game-changer for me, and to this day, I will tell people that using Edmodo changed the way that I taught.  Rather than lug bags full of student work home with me, I could, for the most part, score assignments digitally!  

My students had, however, a legitimate complaint.  When my lesson plans didn’t always go as smoothly as I’d hoped (shocker), or students didn’t pick up a concept as quickly as I expected (I know — that NEVER happens, right? Wink, wink), or maybe a student (or two) was absent and missed a quiz.  Edmodo would keep this annoying red LATE notification at the top of their page, and it STAYED THERE, staring at them, until I made it go away.  Edmodo gave students (and me, for that matter) NO wiggle room when it came to that huge red “LATE.”  For some students, that created considerable consternation and anxiety.



Google Classroom is guilty of this as well.  Sometimes, students have legitimate reasons for not turning in an assignment.  Sometimes teachers might tell their class “Don’t worry about getting Assignment X turned in today – you guys have until Monday.”  Google Classroom doesn’t know what you said, and will leave that lovely red “LATE” flag on students assignments in Google Classroom:

Alice Keeler has done it again! She is truly a master of the creative workaround, and she’s found one that solves this issue.  Using the “Reuse post” feature in Google Classroom, along with the new feature that allows teachers to select individual students for assignments,  teachers can actually extend the due date of an assignment for some (or all, if necessary) of their students in that Google Classroom.

Click here to read her post in full.   

(Pssst…This is a WONDERFUL way to provide extra time for students who are required to receive additional time!)

By reusing the original assignment, omitting any attachments, and sending it to only the student(s) who needs more time, students can submit their work by any date you assign.   

KEELER’S TIP:  When extending a student’s deadline leave a note in private comments so that you and the student know that the student has extended time until ___.”  Students can in turn respond to your private comment with a hashtag (example:  #turnedin).  When students respond to your private comments, you will receive a notification via email.  Filter your email for the hashtag!

This is a nifty way to make Google Classroom REALLY work to meet your needs as a teacher and especially your students’ needs as learners in your class!  Let’s get together and explore what ELSE we can do!  🙂


Extend Assignment Due Dates in Google Classroom!