Are you doing reviews? Looking for a fun and interesting way to engage your students? How about having students create the review? What if students could create review flashcards as a class, keeping only the BEST ones for practice and review? Want to add images? Check out Flashcard Factory by Pear Deck – a FREE (yes, I said free) tool that allows students to “crowdsource” the flashcards used to study. Check out this tutorial video from Matt Miller (Ditch That Textbook) that walks you through the steps.

If you would like to know more about Pear Deck, contact your campus LT and schedule a time to meet.

1:02 — Start by going to Pear Deck

1:27 — Create a new vocabulary list

2:35 — Launch the Flashcard Factory

4:00 — Students create flashcards in the Flashcard Factory

6:00 — Go to “Quality Control” to approve/reject student images and example sentences.

7:25 — Export your set to Quizlet

8:44 — Why this is great …

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Flashcard Factory by Pear Deck Saves Review