I love the information that Richard Byrne (FreeTech4Teachers.com) shares. It’s ALWAYS so timely and so helpful. Check out what landed in my email earlier today:

Flippity is a great service that provides easy-to-follow Google Sheets templates. Recently, Flippity added a new template that you can use to build your custom typing tests. Watch Byrne’s video to see how to make a typing test in Google Sheets. With the addition of the typing test template, Flippity now offers sixteen free Google Sheets templates. You can access the templates through the Flippity website or through the free Flippity Add-on for Google Sheets.

Here’s the complete list of templates offered by Flippity:

  • Flashcards, Quiz Show, Typing Test, Random Name Picker, Badge Tracker, Spelling Test, Crossword Puzzle, Word Search, Bingo, Hangman, Progress Indicator, Memory Game, MadLibs, Mix & Match, Certificates.

Think about upcoming opportunities to use custom typing tests – preparing for writing portfolios, for one. 

In case you didn’t know it, there’s also typing extensions published to the students’ Chromebooks: Typing Club and Typing Web. Just have your students access their BISD app web store and install the app on their Chromebooks and then get practicing. It’s a great “I’m done, now what?” activity that gives students a skill and keeps idle hands busy!

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Flippity Adds Typing Template to Make 16
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