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Another great year of amazing student projects, awards, conferences, and learning. Check out what we've been up to!

I presented at TXGoo 2015 in New Caney and took my husband with me for his first experience at a tech conference. He was a little overwhelmed at our geekiness, but he had a good time. I was blessed to have a packed room for my presentation. They had a DIY light wheel there that provided amazing lighting for photos, so we had our pics taken. They passed out instructions on how your students could make one too. We enjoyed the conference and the student council at the high school was having a crawfish boil to raise money, so we got a tasty lunch too! May 16, 2015

This year I worked with CHS English III teacher Yvonne Hensley to introduce a Shark Tank PBL activity to our juniors. The kids created Pitch Sites and gave a formal presentation to our Lit Tank Judges...and then I came around and passed out $1 Million in fake giant checks to the winners! It was an amazing process. These kids created prototypes, media campaigns, t-shirts, and even samples of food (we had an ice cream parlor and a few bakeries). Can't wait to tweak this and do it again! April 28-May 12, 2015

I came across a photo of my boss, Steve Logan, at a board meeting and I just couldn't resist...I sent it and a meme-generator to everyone in the Admin Building...then we TOTALLY memed him for April Fool's Day! Woot! April 1, 2015

I was fortunate enough to attend a leadership session at ESC 11 with Eric Sheniger. I love his book Digital Leadership: Changing Paradigms for Changing Times and I got him to sign my copy for me! Yay! And of course, I had to grab a selfie with him! We even got to eat lunch with Eric. #Awesome! March 31, 2015

My district put me on a billboard to celebrate my being awarded TCEA IT of the Year for 2015! I was so excited and humbled by the gesture. Thank you, BISD! My friend Dr. Beaird made the finals for Principal of the Year and he got a billboard too! I love BISD! March 27, 2015

Honored to be recognized by the board for receiving TCEA's IT of the Year award. And my hubby showed his love and recognition...with chocolate! Woot! February 6 & 9, 2015

So excited to be awarded the TCEA IT of the Year Award for 2015. My friend Dr. Beaird made the finals for Principal of Year as well. Awesome night. So blessed! February 3, 2015

Another great week in Austin learning and sharing ideas! We had a great time and brought back lots of great ideas for our teachers! We also got a tour of Google's building, attended the session given by our own KMS teachers, and Kim won IT of the Year. February 1-6, 2015

Our annual video conferences with Santa are always a huge hit, with teachers clamoring to sign up and get their kids on the list! Another great year in the books...thanks, Santa, for making our holidays magical! December 3-5, 2014

We were thrilled to host Google's Leadership Symposium this past week. It was a great day of learning, thinking, and sharing. I was so proud to have a group of teachers and students presenting with me about our recent Google Chromebook Pilot. They were wonderful...and the hit of the symposium! October 7, 2014

We talked about heroes this year at Convcoation 2014. And we heard from Drew Pearson, former pro-football player. August 18, 2014

This summer we ran a beginners gaming camp, an advanced gaming camp, and a robotics camp! Awesome kids and lots of summer fun! June 24-30, 2014