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Finishing up our district-wide Chromebook rollout, presenting at several conferences, and rocking out over 300 hours of PD...this has been a busy year!

We were fortunate to be asked to present at the G3 Gifted and Talented Summit. Gerry Brooks was the keynote speaker and LT Lindsay Foster got to meet him! June 26, 2018

Teachers joined the LT Department and the BHS Librarian Suzanne Robinson for a full day academy about BreakoutEDU! They solved clues and tried to breakout our our 1980's themed event before the deadline! Then they learned to make their own Breakout experiences for their students! June 25, 2018

Our final academy of the week was lead by our student tech team teaching our science teachers about Snap & Read. Then rotation classes and AR/VR examples. July 22, 2018

We thoroughly enjoyed working with our student tech crews and our ELA Curriculum Coordinators during the Technology Content Area Academy for ELA teachers. The students taught the teachers how to use the Snap & Read extension provided by the district. Then the teachers rotated through several different classes on varied topics. June 20, 2018

Our Electives Academy kicked off with BISD students teaching our teachers how to use the Snap & Read extension provided by the district. They were terrific and our teachers got a great hands-on session with a useful tool.  Then teachers rotated through different classes for each of the electives areas. And after lunch we explored the use of VR and AR in electives classes. June 19, 2018

Our student tech crew joined us at the TCAA for Math to teach our teachers how to use the Snap & Read extension provided by the district! They did a fantastic job! June 18, 2018

Kicking off our summer PD season, LT Lindsay Foster offered a class on sketchnoting for BISD teachers. Attendees learned all about sketchnoting, how to use it with students, and they got hands-on with their first attempts! June 13, 2018

LTs Kim Estes and Heather Sanders presented at the Region 10 Technology Conference this week. It was a great learning experience, and the ability to network with our fellow educators in Region 10 was priceless! June 11, 2018

Presenting and learning in Galveston, LTs Lindsay Foster, Matthew Kitchens, and Teresa Sumrall represented Burleson ISD at the Early Childhood Technology Conference put on by TCEA. June 10-12, 2018

We had a great time presenting at/attending the 2018 Texas Google Summit (TxGOO) in Kyle, Tx. May 19, 2018

Another stellar year of student projects and presentations! We had everything from automated shelving to bath bombs. May 18, 2018

Principal Lindsey Byrd was kind enough to invite us to one of her staff meetings to showcase our Google VR headsets. So we took her teachers on an all expenses paid vacation around the world! May 16, 2018

We had 30+ Burleson Collegiate HS students who weren't taking EOC exams so we decided to take a world tour! May 7, 2018

Tonight I got to help run the Prowise board for students presenting at the TAG Showcase for the STEAM Academy at Stribling. May 4, 2018

Google AR came back to BISD to continue to beta test the AR part of the Google Expeditions App. May 2, 2018

Our hats are off to the amazing librarians in BISD for throwing an incredible literacy night! The crowd was large, engaged, and learning! What a fun time! May 1, 2018

The 1st Grade team from Norwood was our first Pineapple PLC group to visit another campus to share ideas and observe how technology is integrated into a 1st Grade class at Brock! The teachers and students had fun learning from one another! We're excited to arrange more trips like this next year! April 25, 2018

The science department at The REALM @ KMS beta tested the new Google AR app for Google Expeditions. The teachers were trained and then ran lessons all day about forces of nature, adaptive biology, phases of the moon, and more! The students really enjoyed the app and the 3D Experience! April 11, 2018

We were thrilled to get to help with the end of year activity for the Kerr MS reading program, History Alive. The students enjoyed a Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief BreakoutEDU. So much fun! And we were delighted to have Mr. Lenz make a special appearance as Chiron! April 6, 2018

Kevin Hodges from Google came by to tour both STEAM MS and The REALM. We had student tours at both locations and an opportunity to discuss moving forward in a changing educational and global environment. March 23, 2018

3 of the team presented at the ESC 11 e-Merge conference and vendor fair. March 21, 2018

We love it when our teachers join us on a Saturday for learning and fun! BreakoutEDU in spring! February 24, 2018

Our district has PD days built into the schedule for teachers...and this year, our CTO decided to take advantage of a PD day to get our department better acquainted. February 19, 2017

Each year our district holds a huge open house for parents and students to learn all about the amazing programs and schools of choice in our district. February 15, 2018

LT Lindsay Foster represented Burleson ISD at the Fort Worth Technology Conference. She presented on BreakoutEDU and used the Prowise Board during her presentation. January 27, 2018

The Learning Technologies Department was able to attend the Future of Educational Technology Conference in Orlando, Florida in January. We got to hear amazing keynote speakers and we learned tons of new things to bring back to our district and our teachers! January 23-26, 2017

Another fun breakout with Mr. Smoke's class. These 6th graders used their notes and class resources to master our BreakoutEDU Boxes! December 19, 2017

We had another great year of Google Hangouts with Santa Claus! The kids wrote letters to Santa and he read them stories and discussed the presents they asked for in their letters! The kids really enjoyed it! December 11-13, 2017

The lovely ladies at ELB gave us a Prowise Interactive Board to demo for a few weeks. I took it to the Health Science Class and introduced it to the teachers and students. They had a great time interacting with the included software and manipulating the activities provided with their online text book. November 16, 2017

Really enjoyed facilitating this Texas History Mystery BreakoutEDU with Coach Hansen's class at The REALM. The kids did a great job working together to solve the clues and learn more about the Texas Revolution! November 6, 2017

The LT Dept. and Burleson ISD hosted the Area 10 & 11 TCEA Conference. November 4, 2017

The REALM was crawling with creepiness as students worked their way through a BreakoutEDU over The Tell Tale Heart in their English classes. Denizens of The REALM used their deductive and inferencing skills to find answers to clues hidden in the text of Edgar Allan Poe's macabre tale of murder and insanity! It was a perfect way to celebrate Halloween at The REALM! October 31, 2017

As part of her Tech Tutorials series, LT Lindsay Foster offered Interactive AFLs as a night class for teachers in BISD. Gathering after school, this intrepid group learned all about integrating technology into their Assessments For Learning (AFLs). October 10, 2017

Working with Mrs. Dupuis and her students on a Natural Resources Breakout was lots of fun! The REALM kids really enjoyed solving clues and collaborating on our critical thinking problems! September 26, 2017

Meet the fabulous teachers who joined LT Lindsay Foster for our first Discovery Education Network (DEN) Ambassador Cohort! September 19, 2017

A whole fresh set of teachers attended our BreakoutEDU Academy in September...ready to breakout of the box...and start really challenging their kids! This fun group worked together to learn all about critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity! September 16, 2017

One of several six hour courses offered for summer PD, Advanced Educ-ATE-ion focused on apps, tools, and extensions that work with our GoogleEDU Suite. September 16, 2017

It's that time of year again...prep and rollout for our BISD 1:You Chromebook initiative! We finished our rollout by adding 9-12th grade this year! Whew! What a feat! But with teamwork..we got it all done! August 22-September 8, 2017

Another stellar welcome back to school even from BISD! We had a GooseChase, Flipgridding, Dr. Adoph Brown, and the premiere of the latest (and no doubt soon to be viral) BISD Music Video! Great start to the year! August 14, 2017

August 1st saw the final 3-day Chromebook Prepper Academy of the summer! We had a great group of really fun people! They worked really hard and we enjoyed helping to prepare them for the Fall and the completion of our 1:1 Chromebook rollout! August 1-3, 2017

All of our BreakoutEDU Academies have been crowded and the boxes stay checked out to teachers all year long! It was a fun, crazy day full of laughter, a little frustration (as they worked through the clues), and GREAT learning. July 27, 2017

Our social studies content area academy was packed with teachers from all over the district . We covered how technology could be used in the social studies classroom for k-12 with several rotations and lots of hand's on activities. July 26, 2017

Our ELA content area academy was packed with ELA teachers from all over the district . We covered how technology could be used in the English and reading classroom for k-12 with several rotations and lots of hand's on activities. July 24, 2017

Denton ISD hosted their annual Think, Interate, Act (TIA) conference in July of this year. Kim and Heather presented and it was an outstanding learning opportunity! Our STEAM MS principal, Brandon Johnson, presented as well! Great keynotes, great presenters and Kim even won a touchscreen Chromebook! Great day! July 18, 2017

Burleson ISD hosted an open training for teachers in BISD and surrounding districts! We had over 30 people and 7 school districts represented! The FABULOUS Kim Lane came to lead the training and teachers got to try coding first hand! They got great resources to introduce coding into their classrooms and took home some pretty sweet swag! Add a free lunch, provided by, and it was a fantastic day of learning! July 14, 2017

In preparation for the second and final wave of our district-wide Chromebook rollout, the LT Department is hosting three 3-day Chromebook Academies. These brave teachers came to learn about classroom management, Google tools, and the 4Cs. July 11-13, 2017