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A year of change and challenges and lots of teamwork to keep our teachers and students supported through it all!

LT Lindsay Foster took our VR sets over to the Academy @ Nola Dunn to visit with students in Ms. Broadway and Ms. McCray's classes. They got to visit places around the world and do work based on the 360 degree tours they took! Just one way we are sharing AR/VR with our campuses. April 1-2, 2019

Locks, laughs, and learning took place at the end of March as these BISD teachers took a 6-hour academy on BreakoutEDU. Not only did they have to solve a breakout together, but they learned how to use the boxes, locks, and clues to make interactive, critical-thinking lessons for their students in all of their content areas. Congrats to everyone for breaking out and for keeping your learning going all year long! March 19-20, 2019

Ms. Odom's 5th grade class got to travel the world for inspiration for their personal narrative writing! We took a tour of the modern 7 wonders of the world and students took notes, wrote down impressions, and brainstormed ideas for their narrative writing assignment the next week. We used a graphic organizer to help them write down their thoughts and they had a blast visiting so many amazing locations! March 5, 2019

Students in art class got to work with the Discovery Education Board Builder as they studied artists with their teacher Ms. Silianof. They really enjoyed being able to create their own boards about their artist. February 25-26, 2019

One of the cool parts of our job is beta testing equipment or applications we think might be useful in the classroom. We've been demoing ELB Prowise boards and we love them! LT Lindsay Foster took our demo over STEAM and taught some teachers how to use the interactive board...and some students too! February 21 & 25, 2019

Knowing that people needed to get their earned off credit...and wanting to add a little fun to our PD, we came up with the idea of PD in your PJs. We encouraged people to come to our evening class in their comfy clothes, we had music, lights, snacks, and ordered pizza for dinner. The class was 6 tools in 6 hours and we had a wonderful group of teachers who really engaged and interacted with us and each other throughout the entire training! It was so much fun! February 23, 2019

LT Lindsay Foster co-taught with Ms. Christian and enjoyed making some LEGO pizzas as part of a Pre-K assignment. One of the best parts of our job is getting to go into the classroom to co-teach with our amazing faculty! And after you've made a LEGO pizza...nothing hits the spot like your own mini pizza! February 22, 2019

Part of LT Lindsay Foster's goals for this year was to increase the number of Discovery Education Network Ambassadors in our district. And she took that goal very seriously! After working with several principals, Lindsay started a series of trainings on several campuses that lead to every teacher on those campuses earning the title of DEN Ambassador! Here are a few photos from the STEAM Academy at Stribling's final training and their group Ambassador photo! Way to go Stribling Stars! February 18, 2019

In keeping with their goal of gamification, the Norwood adminstration invited the LT department to a couple of it's staff meetings to train all of the teachers on BreakoutEDU. Teachers, some of them for the first time, had to complete a breakout that contained TEKS from every grade level! Everyone worked hard and they all broke out! The next training will teach them all how to write their own breakouts! February 18, 2019

LT Heather Sanders got to share ideas for station rotation with BHS teachers during a campus PD day on February 18th. She worked with them on ideas for blended learning, how to handle assignments when students forget devices, and technology integration in a station rotation format! Her training was so popular, she be offering more during the summer! February 18, 2019

Ms. Muse had a big surprise in store for her 3rd grade students as they finished their unit on space. After seeing a tweet of some of her students' work in class, I contacted Ms. Muse and offered to take her kids to virtual reality! She jumped at the opportunity and we co-taught a lesson where I dropped the students on a planet and they had to use what they knew of the solar system to identify where they were! As you can see...they had a great time! February 15, 2019

WOW! Burleson ISD can throw an EPIC event! Our district hosted our first eSports tournament on February 9th in partnership with Microsoft and several local businesses. The whole thing was massively impressive! February 9, 2019

This year, we had two people make the finals of the TCEA Awards: Louise Morgan for High Impact Teacher of the Year, and Dr. Leslie Bender Jutzi for District Administrator of the Year. Congratulations to both for making the finals and to Dr. Bender Jutzi for taking the title in her category. So proud to help the hard working people in our district get recognized for their work! February 5, 2019

We had a great week of learning, teaching, networking, and getting energized about what we do and why we do it! TCEA is always a great conference to attend! February 4-8, 2019

LT Lindsay Foster got selected to present a poster session at the Future of Educational Technology (FETC) conference in Orlando, FL. She did a great job representing BISD and brought back some GREAT ideas to share with our BISD teachers! January 27-30, 2019

We were so excited to host a Harry Potter baby shower for our teammate and friend Matt Kitchens and his family. We are so excited about their newest arrival and wanted to throw a fun party for them before she arrives! December 21, 2018

After a week of fun holiday challenges and some really wonderful participants, it was time to award the winners their prize...cookies and cocoa for their classes! Congratulations to the 3rd grade team at Brock! Way to go Tigers! December 21, 2018

Every year we connect hundreds of students in our elementary schools to the North Pole for a visit with Santa! It was another great year brought to our students through Google Hangouts and our fabulous friend, Santa! December 10-13, 2018

Today we had a test of the HTC Vive set up purchased by Tech Ops for use in the district. My goal was to test it with teachers and students and figure out the possibilities for campus use if we were to purchase a couple of rigs for checkout. It was an interesting day – and pretty cool, to be honest! We’re still going to have to work on what to do with the students NOT hooked up and in the VR…but with the Oculus Go and other advances…I don’t think it will be long before we are using them on campuses. December 13, 2018

We got to present and attend the TCEA Campus Technology Specialists Academy with Louise Morgan from STEAM MS. It was a great couple of days of learning and sharing! November 15-16, 2018

LT Lindsay Foster worked with Norwood librarian Lynda Oliver to create a BreakoutEDU based on the Mr. Limencello's Library book series. They all had a great time breaking out to clues from this favorite series. December 19, 2018