In a recent blog post, Matt Miller (Ditch That Textbook), discusses the power of connection for educators and for students. It’s an interesting piece and a strong argument for establishing professional learning networks.

Within BISD, there are resources for our educators (and our students) to connect with each other and with the global community. Here’s a few:

Discovery Educator Network (DEN) – a community that exists as a part of the Discovery Education subscription. Our educators are a part of this amazing collection of individuals, schools, and school systems and it’s all at the touch of a button. The DEN, as it is known, began as a way for those with Discovery Education subscriptions to connect and share ideas but has grown to become separate but still part of the Discovery Education family. There is a Facebook group, subgroups dedicated to various topics, and a weekly #edchat on Twitter (#DENChat – Thursdays at 7 P.M. Central Time) in addition to face to face and virtual events. Check it out and connect with like minded educators who can then connect their students with yours!

Twitter – a growing and burgeoning source of educational leadership and connectedness exists within the Twitterverse. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of educational discussions, known as #edchats, ongoing… daily. These #edchats cover every topic and content area for every grade level. There are grade specific chats and topic specific chats. There are even slow ed chats which run at a less speedy rate. Check out this list of #edchats and find one that works for you.

Your LT – tell your LT what you’re doing in your classroom and ask if there is someone else in the district who is doing something similar, who has taken this to another level, who might want to connect with your class. LTs serve multiple campuses and approximately 100-150 (depending on campus) educators. The LTs are here to help you and assist you with building those connections for your professional learning network.


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