In case you haven’t noticed, #flipgridfever has *KINDA* taken over the instructional technology universe.  As a Flipgrid Ambassador, my notifications are ALWAYS buzzing with tweets/Slack messages about new ideas, new topics, new features, new capabilities….it can be a bit overwhelming, but in a good way!  This week, I just had to share the latest Flipgrid News – I love how Flipgrid developers listen to what teachers and students need, and respond with amazing features! New to Flipgrid?  Flipgrid One is wonderful, but try out Flipgrid Classroom FREE for 45 days using the promo code HEATHERSANDERS.  Email me or your campus LT for more info!

So if you’re ready to get YOUR Flipgrid Fix, click the image below!  (Or just click HERE!)


Get Your FLIPGRID FIX: More Ways to Amplify Student Voice