Do you hear “goo” as in “GOO-gly goodness” or “drink the GOO-laid” or “GOO-gle” and think, “Hey! I don’t want to be slimed!” so you avoid Google, the G-Suite, and all of those fantastic tools that are included in our Google Suite for Education district?

The LT team is offering some amazing learning opportunities as part of the Burleson Innovative Summer Development program schedule. These classes would be IDEAL for any beginning or intermediate computer user who needs a “soft” or “slower” start… and there’s NO slime involved! (Unless you bring your own!)

  • Any of the Google Hacks for {insert tool here}  (June 03 or July 24)
  • Google Classroom (June 03)
  • Hacks for Google Tools (June 03 or July 23)
  • Can You Hear Me Now? Turning Up Communication with Secondary Parents (June 04)
  • Getting Started with Google Forms (June 05)
  • Power Up With Google Classroom (July 22 or July 25)
  • Google Forms: Not Just Data Collection (July 22 or July 25)
  • 5E Lesson Planning With Nearpod: Nearpod for Beginners (July 22 or July 24)
  • Adventures in Googleland: G-Sweet Basic Training (July 22)
  • A Google (Site) for Sore Eyes (July 23 or July 25)
  • Teaching With Screencastify (July 23)
  • Google Forms Add-Ons You Must Have (July 23)
  • Fantastic Beasts of Google And How to Use Them: Google Drawings (July 22 or July 24)
  • TAG You’re It: Using Relay Classroom (July 22 or July 24)
  • Visual Notetaking Basics (July 23)
  • Fantastic Beasts of Google And How to Use Them: Google and the {Content Area} (July 25)
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Goo? No Slime Involved

2 thoughts on “Goo? No Slime Involved

  • May 5, 2019 at 8:23 AM

    I’m a teacher in a different district. Would I be able to sign up for these amazing classes? Especially interested in the online cohort for Google certified educator. How would I sign up for that?

    • May 5, 2019 at 8:36 AM

      Please reach out to our Lead Learning Technologies Coach, Kim Estes, to find out more about our professional development opportunities for non-Burleson ISD educators.

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