Math specialist Sheila Duncan demonstrates good form.

Back in the late fall, the Norwood Elementary School educator worked with BISD learning technologies coach Matthew Kitchens to learn the ins and outs of Google Forms.

With the basics under her belt, Duncan went right to work – designing a system that allows the 3rd- through 5th-grade teachers on her campus the ability to assess data and reteach concepts immediately after assessment.



The crux of Duncan’s design is simple: Inside Google Drive, Duncan created a folder and added Norwood’s math teachers as collaborators, so they could all share resources. Each week in the common folder, she opens a Google Form to build a daily three-problem assessment for each grade level – inserting the math TEK number at the beginning of every question. From there, she copies the quiz and deploys it as an assignment inside each teacher’s Google Classroom, where she is listed as each colleague’s co-facilitator.

With the assignment distributed inside each Google Classroom, Norwood math teachers take the reins from there. They allow their learners 12 minutes to complete Duncan’s quiz. Immediately after all students in class are finished, teachers reopen the Google Form and discuss the problems – highlighting the proper processes for finding the solutions and illuminating any distractions that misled students.

Here’s the best part: Inside the Responses tab on the backend of each Google Form, teachers get priceless data on the assessed standards. Opening the backdoor gives educators a precise read on the TEKS students have mastered, the ones where kids are showing growth, and the ones indicating learners need improvement.

Students and teachers track their progress daily. At the end of each week, the class with highest percentage of mastered TEKS gets a prize.

Teachers and students are happy. At the same time, Norwood principal Tracey Besgrove gives the process two thumbs up.  


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Matthew Kitchens

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Google Forms Show the Standard for Math Improvement
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  • February 24, 2017 at 8:52 AM

    Thanks, Matt, for highlighting the effective instruction going on in BISD! It’s easy to let the techie bells & whistles to overshadow our bottom line: student learning, and this is a WONDERFUL way to keep the end in mind! Bravo to you & Mrs. Duncan!

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