This summer, I was blessed (again) for the fourth time to attend the Discovery Educator Network (DEN) Summer Institute. The connections, the camaraderie, and the learning that occurs during these seven days are second to none. Every year I have attended, I have returned enriched, enlightened and invigorated for the coming year. The application process is not easy and this year was no different; only 35% of the attendees were individuals who returned from previous summer institute experiences, but the experience is well worth the time spent.

So what was my big takeaway? I’m still processing that but I thought I would share one hidden gem of Discovery Education courtesy of a dear friend, colleague, and now Online Community Manager for Discovery Education, Dave Tchozewski. I attended a session on the student experience of Discovery Education with the hopes that I would gain new insights and I was not disappointed. In an attempt to share something “new and different,” Dave T as he is affectionately known among the members of the DEN, shared the following video: United States: Studying Whale Mucus Using Drones. That’s right… whale mucus… drones… go ahead… type it into the Discovery Education keyword search. You know you want to. Heck… I’ll even provide a link for you! CLICK HERE

What student WOULDN’T want to be grossed out (and yet still be INTRIGUED) by how drones are used in whale mucus research? I know YOU are grossed out… and intrigued… and so was I. The thing is this… most any educator will do whatever it takes to hook a student, and Discovery Education has thousands of digital media resources that can hook students and spark their learning. So go on… search Discovery Education and see what YOU can find that would hook your students!

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Hidden Gems from the DEN – Hooks
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