Recently, teachers far & wide celebrated Google’s most recent new feature:  the highly anticipated Grouping Feature.  This allows teachers to select individual students/small groups of students when assigning activities.




However, now that teachers can actually DO THIS, some might be scratching their heads wondering, “How exactly does this work, where exactly do I start, and how can I get the most instructional bang for my Google Classroom buck?”  Thanks to Matt Miller, edtech blogger and author of Ditch That Textbook, recently shared FIVE wonderful ways to utilize this feature:

  1. Group Activities – If a group of students are collaborating on a single project, you can easily select ONLY those group members when giving an assignment, or sharing a collaborative doc/slide deck (this would be AWESOME for PBL work):


2. Provide Extra Support/Practice to Struggling Students – Sometimes students need additional practice to cement learning targets.  Use the Grouping Feature to assign additional work (attach tutorial videos, extra notes, or other support materials) to only those students:


3. Differentiate by Product/Process/Content:  Create multiple versions of an activity with varying scope, depth, length, detail, etc.  Provide modified materials for students who demonstrate need, and enrichment/extension activities to those who need more advanced materials.  Provide choice in the ways that students demonstrate mastery.

4. Interest-based Activities:  If you have students who are crazy Harry Potter fans, or who LOVE Minecraft, why not provide activities and assignments that involve their interests AND achieve learning goals?

5. Rotating Activities – If your students work in stations that you rotate over a period of days (or even weeks), keep track of student progress and simplify your process by assignment rotating activities to groups in Google Classroom.  As groups complete rotation activities, simple use the “Reuse Post” feature to assign the next station’s work.

How are YOU using the Grouping Feature in Google Classroom?


How Can I Use the New Grouping Feature in Google Classroom? Here are 5 EXCITING Ways!