I can remember spending HOURS preparing for being out of the classroom. Call it being a control freak,  but the truth that we ALL know is that having a substitute often results in a significant loss of instruction.  It’s hard for teachers to “let go” so that we can attend valuable training/professional development, and equally challenging to leave behind effective, highly-engaging activities.  In a perfect world, we can avoid assigning “busy work” and find ways for our kids to maintain “business as usual” and perfect behavior for the substitute.  It’s not a perfect world, but there is a way to develop meaningful lessons for your students without leaving behind simple “time-filler” activities that you most likely won’t look at again.

A Hyperdoc is a unique, multi-media method of delivering instruction, utilizing inquiry, graphic organizers, class discussion, HOTS, creativity, or collaboration.   More than just a digital worksheet, hyperdocs shift activities from explain/apply/assess → explore/explain/apply.

Rather than leaving paper “handouts” or “packets,” for your students when/if you have to be out of the classroom, provide a hyperdoc through Google Classroom (each student gets a copy) that provides instructions and guides students to work through a series of assignments pre-determined by you.  Check out the sample below, created by Meagan Kelly

or click HERE to view in Google Drawings.  Make a copy and edit the Drawing based on your content!  Want help creating a Hyperdoc?  Click here to make an appointment!

Hyperdocs: Provide Meaningful Lessons When You Need to be Out of the Classroom
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