Are you trying to integrate technology into your instruction but you find that students are just “Googling it” instead of using their higher order thinking skills? Want to increase the rigor and encourage that next level of integration? Here are some tips on creating activities that are NOT google-able from Karin Hogen, former ELA educator and co-founder of InsertLearning.


  • Summarize the above paragraph/section/text
  • Identify the main idea of the paragraph/section/text
  • List at least 2 supporting details of the paragraph/section/text
  • Explain how you know the purpose of the paragraph/section/text as to inform, persuade, entertain
  • Predict, based on what you’ve read and seen so far, what the next paragraph/section/text is about
  • Paraphrase the previous sentence
  • Write one question that you’ve thought of based on the previous paragraph/section/text
  • Find one vocabulary word and write a sentence about the content of the text using the word
  • Skim  the text. What is your purpose for reading?
  • What is a key word in the above paragraph/section/text?

Encouraging annotations? Try this suggestion:

Highlight 5 words that were new to you. Comment on each highlight with the definition

And check out the Insert Learning extension for annotations and marking up text for our 1:You Chromebook student grades (3-12). It’s an amazing way to help students leverage their technology to help them meet their Wildly Important Goal (WIG)! Have your students check their Chrome Web store to add it to their Chromebook extension list.

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