We were thrilled with the participation and number of nominations for our inaugural Tech Rock Star award in January! We’re very excited to introduce you to our January winners!

Kristin Self
STEAM Middle School

Tell us THREE random, interesting facts about you that we’d be surprised to learn!

I enjoy recreating restaurant dishes at home and planning trips and traveling. Two years in a row I planned and took over 70 students and parents on a field trip from Louisiana to Disney World.

What’s Your Why?

I decided to be a teacher because I’ve always enjoyed being a leader. I keep showing up every day because my job is never boring. I hate being bored, and teaching is never boring. I enjoy getting to know all of my students and seeing how much they learn and grow throughout the year.

What has been your proudest teaching moment?

It’s hard to nail down one teaching moment that has made me most proud. I was proud when my students showed such great growth on their MAP test this year, when my 8th graders agreed to act out Shakespeare comedies and did them well, and when my students were able to do a GooseChase to show their knowledge of new vocabulary words.

Tell us why/how you make technology a priority in your classroom?

I try to make technology a priority in my classroom because I think it helps to make my classroom more engaging. I also think it is so important to teach students how to correctly use technology. We do the fun things, but we also focus on important things like email etiquette. By using technology in many different ways, I am teaching ELA and future ready skills at the same time.

What is your ALL TIME favorite tech tool?


Please share with us your most successful tech-integrated lesson and tell us a little bit about that experience:

Each year out 6th graders read A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park. After reading the novel, they make either commercials, electronic brochures, or posters to advertise the Iron Giraffe Challenge. We have a website dedicated to the fundraising efforts of our school. Our students really get excited about getting people to donate money to support the building of water wells in Sudan. The students last year raised over $400, and the ones this year are committed to try to out-do that group. It is so rewarding to see our sixth graders working together and creating awesome products to raise money for such a good cause.

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January Tech Rock Star – Kristin Self
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