Here’s the scene: You’re in a K-2 environment. There are a limited number of tablet devices on your campus (or no devices – period). Getting those tablets in your students’ hands can be a challenge. You have a handful of student computers in your room, but what can you really do with three or four desktop computers?

The answer: Lots.

Fear not, O ye of little faith. You have the perfect setup for doing technology-based lessons – especially if learning centers are already part of your teaching repertoire.

Many K-2 teachers use from three to five classroom computers as a stop on a learning-center rotation. Some educators filter students through Accelerated Reader. Others have students watch a video or engage a drag-and-drop vocabulary activity.

However, K-2 students have a creative flare, and there are tools and apps that allow younger students to show what they know.

First, try embedding your learning-center activities inside Google Classroom. It’s the perfect place to place a video, a Google Doc, a Google Slide presentation, a Google Sheet, a Google Drawing, a hyperlink, and more in any combination.

Don’t have time to explain website buttons, bells, and whistles to students? No sweat. Snag the Screencastify extension from the Chrome Web Store. Create a short video of your directions. (You can set Screencastify to save 10-minute videos to your Google Drive automatically.) When you’re done, pop your motion picture in your learning center and go. No mess. No fuss.

Next, consider tossing a Hyperdoc to your learners.

Or, let them recreate a story setting using Google Draw. Afterward, showcase the drawings on a classroom website (with parental permission, of course). Students can also create and print QR codes for their drawings. Codes can be posted on a classroom wall, a bulletin board, or school wall for visitors to scan. (Think Parent Night).

In addition, several Accomplished and Distinguished categories in T-TESS dimensions require teachers to differentiate assignments. Learning centers can help.

To learn more, talk to your campus learning technologies coach. Or, join LTC Matthew Kitchens on Wed., June 7, or Wed., July 26, for two-hour hands-on experiences creating them.




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K-2 Learning Centers Around Google Classroom
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