If you’re using Google Forms solely to house quizzes and surveys, you may be missing out. An online briefcase of sorts, a Google Form has the fantastic ability to hold text, videos, images, and hyperlinks to any resource. Throw section-based responses into the mix, and a teacher has all the makings for something spectacular – an online learning station.

Care to try one? Here’s a live labeled example I built for a training next week on gamifying Google Forms. (Note: The same mechanisms [SBRs and response validation] that make learning stations possible in Google Forms also serve well when tossing gamification into a Form’s mix.) To give the example a spin, you’ll have to input 14 for the gold-coin password and 40 for the silver-coin password. I don’t need your basic contact information in the learning station, but you will have to enter something in order to pass Section 3. Therefore, I recommend entering gibberish or “Test”.

Check out the diagram below for an inside look at the anatomy of a Google-Forms learning station.

Learning Stations in Google Forms? Yes!
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