We’ve all been there — your amazing lesson goes perfectly…maybe just a little too perfectly, because there are five LOOOOOONG minutes left over in class.  Maybe your campus had a fire drill and you come back to class with only five minutes left.  Or perhaps your students have been razor-focused and working diligently and you want to treat them to five minutes of fun.  For whatever reason, it’s good to have a few tricks up your sleeve that you can pull out quickly to engage students in those leftover minutes.

Generally, most people DON’T like leftovers.  Some refuse to even entertain the idea..  For me, though — it all depends on the leftovers.  If it’s leftover meatloaf, I’ll pass.  Leftover oatmeal?  Nope to the nope.  Leftover macaroni & cheese?  Yes, please.  Leftover pizza?  ALL DAY LONG, baby.  

My point is that some entrees are delicious ANYTIME – hot, cold, fresh, or heated up in the microwave.  

Today I’m opening my #edtechfridge and sharing some of my favorite “learning leftovers,” and honestly, these, too, are good ANYTIME.  Click on the fridge door (or just click here)  for more!

Leftover Learning – For Those Last 5 Minutes
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