Are you a “just click it” kind of digital learner?  I can’t tell you how much I’ve learned just from clickin’ around on a page, especially in the Google-verse.   I love that everything looks the same and basically does the same thing – the tool bars are the same, the folders are the same. In all of the GSuite applications, for example, you’ll see the SAME three dots and the SAME three lines.  Generally, any time you see three dots, there’s MORE that you can do, and any time you see three lines, there are more options/choices available.   Anytime you come across three dots or three lines, just CLICK THEM!


In Google Classroom, there are three dots that you may not have noticed, in the top right corner of any post in your stream:


When you click those three dots, one of your options is to “Copy link.”  When you select “Copy link,” Google creates a link for JUST THAT POST and copies it to your clipboard.  And once you’ve got that link, ladies & gentlemen, you are wielding a MIGHTY WEAPON of WOW.  That long string of jumbled letters and numbers might just help you ROCK your Google Classroom game, linking the Google Classroom thinking in all kinds of different places, making your life (and your students’ lives) a little easier.

Intrigued?  Are you thinking, “Um…yeah, that’s great and all, but when would I actually ever USE that?”  Ah…you have no idea, my friend!

Click the image below for more!  (Or, just click HERE.)


Linkin’ the Thinkin’: Those Three Little Dots Just Might ROCK Your Google Classroom Game