While you cheer on your favorite athletes in Pyeongchang, you can take part in the Listenwise Listening Olympics!

To participate, students need to listen to the Listenwise Current Event stories every day of the Olympics- between February 12th and February 23rd. The competition will be in the form of a Listening Olympics quiz at the end of the two weeks. The questions will be based on the news stories heard on Listenwise over the two weeks of the Olympics.

Assign the quiz to your students and you could win Bose headphones!

Be sure to play the Listening Olympics opening ceremony audio story with your class to get them excited about participating and learn more about the competition.

Students can take the listening news quiz from Friday, February 23rd through March 2nd.

The more you and your students listen, the better the chance you have of winning! In the Olympic spirit, Listenwise will award Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals based on the top quiz scores and highest student participation.

Get those ears ready for some listening.

For more information, check out the Listenwise blog here.

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Listenwise Listening Olympics