Thanks to Richard Byrne ( for his post sharing about locating public domain video clips. Downloading Youtube videos via a third party service is in violation of Youtube’s Terms of Service (TOS) Section 05 unless there is a link provided for download by Youtube. In a recent email, Byrne lists three other resources that have public domain videos:

Internet Archive

The Internet Archive’s Moving Image Archive is an index of more than 1.7 million video clips. Most of what you will find in the Moving Image Archive can be downloaded in a variety of file formats. You can search the archive by keyword or browse through the many categories and thematic collections in the archive. One important thing to note about the Internet Archive is that depending upon the age of your students, you won’t want them to search it without supervision. In fact, I recommend just creating a folder of footage from Archive that you then share with students.

The Public Domain Review

The Public Domain Review is a website that features collections of images, books, essays, audio recordings, and films that are in the public domain. Choose any of the collections to search for materials according to date, style, genre, and rights. Directions for downloading and saving media is included along with each collection of media.


Flickr is known for hosting images, but it also hosts video clips. Use the advanced search functions in Flickr to find video clips that have been released into the public domain and to find videos that have a Creative Commons license attached to them. Watch Byrne’s video to see how to find public domain videos on Flickr.

Discovery Education

Additionally, educators in Burleson ISD have account access to Discovery Education and the digital media resources there. Videos (segments and full videos) are available for your classroom use with students (and for student use) through your subscription. Additionally some digital media types are marked “Editable” and are available for reuse, app smashing and alteration. For more information on Discovery Education, your Discovery Education account (and your students’ accounts) and how to log in, please contact Lindsay Foster or your campus LT.

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Locating Public Domain Video Clips