My colleague, Heather Sanders, is the office “expert” on HyperDocs and has created and shared some fantastic content. I am simply a padawan to her Jedi (HyperDoc) tricks but really these are an amazing tool for one-stop, personalized, voice and choice, independent learning opportunities with your students. As you look to support your learners in the upcoming weeks, why not take a lesson and convert it to a HyperDoc format and see what happens? 

Here’s a quick (and fun) mathematics activity that I created in 2017 that’s appropriate for this month. Check it out!

Lucky Charms HyperDoc

Lucky Charms Sheets Spreadsheet

Lucky Charms Doc Reporting Document​

The links above are  Template Preview links. You will only be able to see the presentation slide. You will see only the main activity slide and not the drag and drop pieces or the directions which may be located in the work space and in the presenter’s notes. To view the entire activity, please click Use Template and then edit your copy to meet the needs of your learners. ​

Consider having students report their findings on a Flipgrid or Padlet

As always, if you would like to learn how to create a HyperDoc for your students to use in your content area, contact your campus LT!

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Lucky Charms HyperDoc
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