We had so many talented nominees this month, it was really difficult to select one winner for each category! We’re very excited to introduce you to our February winners!

Kim Everts
Academy at Nola Dunn

Tell us THREE random, interesting facts about you that we’d be surprised to learn!

I won state in bowling in high school that gave me a very small scholarship to college. I have thalassophobia. I am a purple girl….I will avoid anything pink.

What’s Your Why?

Nelson Mandela once stated, “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world”. I believe this with all my heart. Teaching is my calling. The moment I step into a school, I feel at home. It is my safe place, a place where I can be creative, a place that I can help others find their path, a place where I feel my best. Providing students with an education is the best service I can offer to anyone. I love to watch students grow and make connections. You can learn so much by listening to your students. I can’t imagine a world where I could not teach.

What has been your proudest teaching moment?

I’ve been fortunate to have several. The moments that mean the most to me is after they leave the classroom. When I can chat with my past students and they share how they used a lesson from our class, or continued their passion they discovered during our time together.

Tell us why/how you make technology a priority in your classroom or campus?

Technology is all around us. We have to embrace it and find ways to use is to enhance our learning, not as a babysitting tool. I love to find programs that push my students to think on their own. Programs that show them how to enhance their learning in order to share with others. My classroom has a TECH club that learns new programs to teach others, including fellow teachers on our campus. They see the importance of technology and want to share and help others.

What is your ALL TIME favorite tech tool?

It truly depends on the time of year. If I had to pick one overall, I would chose Google Classroom. You can share information in a variety of ways and get feedback from the class in an organized fashion. I can’t image teaching without it.

Please share with us your most successful tech-integrated lesson or program/initiative and tell us a little bit about that experience:

Our class learned about BookCreator this year and once they learned, they took off with it! I presented the idea to my TECH Crew. We learned the program together and talked about how to share this with the class. At the time our class was studying different types of poems and was given the task to create their own poems. Once we presented the BookCreator program to the class, their imaginations came to life and they couldn’t wait to publish their own books. Afterwards, students used the program for their World Party Projects, talking about the water cycle, etc. Our TECH Crew was also invited to teach our staff about BookCreator. It was a great success! Now, several classes are using BookCreator with their students.

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