This activity is a class poll activity that has 2nd grade TEKS added to it. It is easily adapted for K-1 or 3-4-5 depending upon the questions asked and the word problems assessed. 
It practices communication, collaboration and critical thinking (3 of the ISTE 4 Cs) and addresses some skill deficits that we have noticed in compiling recent BrightBytes data. Additionally it promotes writing in the mathematics classroom. 
There are additional activities for Technology Integration and Digital Citizenship embedded in the activity directions as well. 
This is a Template Preview link. You will only be able to see the presentation slide. You will see only the main activity slide and not the drag and drop pieces or the directions which are located in the work space and in the presenter’s notes. To view the entire activity, please click Use Template and then edit your copy to meet the needs of your learners. ​
Want to see more activities like this one? Check out our BISDLearnTech Integration Database. Have questions about how we would use this activity with students or what tools might be good to use with the lesson? Check out our new Help Desk/Chat feature and live chat with an LT!
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Math and ELAR Meet In Activity Featuring Class Poll
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