This activity could be used prior to or following a physical manipulative activity using Cheez-It type crackers.

Students will estimate and then click and drag the “Cheez-It” squares from the grey work space to cover the grey box.

Students should make an educated guess (estimate) on how many Cheez-It crackers might be needed to cover the square.

Students can also calculate the area and the perimeter (an actual Cheez-It is 26mm x 24 mm) as part of the activity.This activity could be adapted down for estimation for grades 1 and 2 or up for calculation and conversion of metric units in grades 4 and 5. Look at the activity and determine its best use for your students.

​ This is a Template Preview link. You will only be able to see the presentation slide. You will see only the main activity slide and not the drag and drop pieces or the directions which are located in the work space and in the presenter’s notes. To view the entire activity, please click Use Template and then edit your copy to meet the needs of your learners. ​
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Math – Cheez-It Interactive
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