This is a fun activity that requires students to recognize place value and be able to read and comprehend number words. It is easily adapted to lower values or higher values depending upon learning objectives and targets.

This is a Template Preview  link. You will only be able to see the presentation slide. You will see only the main activity slide and not the drag and drop pieces or the directions which are located in the work space and in the presenter’s notes. To view the entire activity, please click Use Template and then edit your copy to meet the needs of your learners. ​


2.b.2.B Number and operations. The student applies mathematical process standards to understand how to represent and compare whole numbers, the relative position and magnitude of whole numbers, and relationships within the numeration system related to place value. The student is expected to use standard, word, and expanded forms to represent numbers up to 1,200.

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Mystery Numbers (Place Value)
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