Sometimes you just have to sit back and marvel at the amazing people you get to work with and the FABULOUS kids you get to spend time with when you work in public education! Ms. Lisa Townzen is the AP at Kerr Middle School and she created an after school reading tutorial program called History Alive. She has kids who give up their Fridays to come hang out in the KMS Library and learn reading strategies…EVERY SINGLE FRIDAY! They learn, they eat food, they socialize…and they get to do some really fun activities like murder mysteries and this Save Our Library breakout! Have to give MAD props to Lindsay Foster for the amazing help with the Breakout! It goes a little something like this…

Intro video:

Soon-to-be-Dr. Evil Lenz (soon-to-be because AP Jason Lenz is working on his doctoral degree)…has kidnapped the KMS Librarian, Mrs. April Kuehler, in an attempt to stop students from reading!!! First KMS…then the world! Our students must join together into two teams and stop him!

Then the kids got the rules from Ms. Townzen:

They donned their super hero capes (Thank you Mr. Moore from Taylor ES for the capes and masks!):

And set about solving their clues:

While the students used books like The Diary of Anne Frank, Divergent, and Ender’s Game to solve clues and unlock locks…evil was lurking just beyond the library! As the students found the clue that led them to the cafeteria for PIZZA (nom nom)…Soon-To-Be-Evil-Dr. Lenz snuck into the library and stole their breakout boxes! Leaving behind only a cryptic clue as to their whereabouts! If our groups of heroes were able to solve the clue and find the new room where their boxes were hidden…they found a QR Code to a video for each group…giving them their next clue:

Group 1 Clue:

Group 2 Clue:

Once they’d solved all the clues and opened the box, they were led to the outdoor courtyard where they were locked in and forced to collaborate using clues they’d been given (that made use of posters of teachers talking about their favorite books) in order to find the key to unlock the door to the library!

To celebrate their saving the KMS library…an ice cream party and a green screen with props awaited them! What a great way to end the program for the year and to celebrate these amazing kids!

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